Beauty Trends & Innovations Conference Programme

08.30 Registration & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Namita Mediratta, Head of CMI, Beauty & Wellness, UEAM, Unilever

Sebastian Kraft, Founder, Nordic Naval


Panel - Q&A

Inspirational & Ground-Breaking Thought-Leadership

09.10 Disrupt & Dominate With The Hottest Trends & Innovations That Fuel Brand Engagement, Drive Impactful Product Launches & Position Your Brand As A Front Runner

  • The dominance of AI, emotional beauty, and protective personal care… examine the critical macro trends of 2024: how can you stay ahead of the curve and plan for another year of insight-led, innovative, and impactful product launches?
  • International inspiration: take stock of global trends and insights to enhance engagement and ensure lasting product success
  • Stay irresistibly on-trend! Eyes open and ears to the floor – swoop in and fill gaps in the market, make your mark and really reap the benefits of being an innovative brand
  • The new social order: how are beauty brands effectively responding to the explosion of influencers, brand advocates, and content creators to ensure they stay relevant?

Kelly-Ann Carroll, Head of Buying Health & Beauty, Primark

Maylis Joppé, Director, Consumer & Market Innovation, LVMH

Elena Lavagni, Service Provider for Amazon & Owner of Neville Hair and Beauty, Amazon Salon & Neville Hair and Beauty

Marie Mailhos, Head of Marketing Gallinée, Shiseido

Ria Chauhan, Beauty Buying Manager, Harvey Nichols

Daniel Isaacs, Chief Product Officer & Founding Partner, Medik8

Aaron Chatterley, Co-Founder, Feelunique & indu

Alana Amo-Adei, Brand & Skin Specialist, Tropic Skincare

09.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Linney


Brand New & Updated!

10.05 Deep Dive Into AI’s Impact In Beauty: Enhance Online Journeys, Advance Digital Marketing Strategies & Discover Trending Beauty Tools For Next-Level Brand Experiences

  • AI is redefining the beauty industry but how are we translating AI success into store and how will this impact the customer?
  • Revitalise your digital marketing strategies and utilise AI tools for trendy and captivating marketing copy for boosted online engagement and sales
  • Lipcure Beam, Meta Profiler, and The Halo Hairdryer… which tech-inspired beauty tools are gaining traction and what strategies can you employ to provide teams with appropriate techniques for delivering captivating products and growing profitability?

Sebastian Kraft, Founder, Nordic Naval

10.25 Bonus Session; Reserved For Orean

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Panel - Q&A

Show-Stopping Content, Viral Product Launches & Game-Changing Digital Campaigns

11.10 Dominate The Beauty Social Landscape: Uncover Brand New, Authentic & Innovative Social Strategies To Outshine Competition, Capture Consumer Attention & Drive Lucrative Brand Engagement

  • Organic, innovative and uncut: explore how content can help cut-through competition, capture attention and drive campaigns for boosted profits and long-lasting commercial success
  • New social frontiers: examine real-world, successful influencer marketing campaigns and collaborations for a truly engaged consumer base and well-focused social investment
  • What omnichannel social strategies are beauty brands adopting to bridge the gap between online and offline experiences, drive seamless customer journeys and ultimately optimise ROI of social strategies?
  • Convert browsing into purchasing action! Embrace TikTok and its shopping features for heightened attention, unparalleled engagement, and improved product performance
  • The question on everyone’s lips…what is next in the world of social in beauty? What is set to disrupt the social landscape in 2025 and how can we get ahead of the curve?

Beth Thomas, Campaigns & Content Manager, TikTok

Plamena Gencheva, Senior Social Media Manager, Tropic Skincare

Elinor Miansarow, Brand & Partnerships Lead, Wild

Karen King, Managing Director UK/EMEA, Bondi Sands

Ashley Watton, Head of Marketing & Communications, KMI Brands Ltd


Double Perspective

Revitalised Brand Strategies

Generate Gold-Standard Brand Value For Gen Alpha & Z With Inclusive, Authentic & Intelligent Marketing Strategies That Fuel Positive Brand Interactions & Exploit Product Sales

  • The instant gratification generation! How can you adapt your marketing strategies to capture the attention of a generation with higher expectations, fully digital interactions, and such varied needs?
  • Bleached brows, faux freckles, stained lips… deep dive into Gen Alpha and Z driven trends for hard-hitting buying experiences and maximised product sales
  • Hone in on diverse beauty ideals! Create inclusive and accessible product campaigns that cater to your entire audience no matter their colour, age, sex, or gender
  • Brand transparency and authenticity… how are you pushing the envelope on sustainable beauty to create critical brand value for Gen Z’s raising expectations?

11.40 Jessica Hewitt, Category Lead (Beauty), UNiDAYS

12.00 Fraser Fergie, Director Of Product Development, This Works


Maximising Winning Digital

12.20 Groundbreaking Digital Tools & Tactics For Enriched Online Journeys & Memorable Brand Experiences For Customers Across The Beauty Landscape

  • From conversational AI cloud to virtual try-ons… what digital transformation technologies can be developed to craft enhanced online customer journeys and create next-level memorable brand experiences for customers?
  • How well do you really know your customers? Action critical data insights to provide accurate customer segments, drive personalised social content and gold-standard customer experiences
  • Customer relationship management at its finest! From acquisition to purchase point, get to grips with best-practice digital techniques that engage customers at every step of their brand journey

Nathaniel Hibbs, Director of Retail & Services, FaceGym

12.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

13.10 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.45 Intimate Insight Sharing Of The Latest Trends & Innovations Transcending The Beauty Landscape

A) Next-Level Beauty NPD

Sophia Manley, Head of NPD, REFY Beauty

B) Inspiring Natural Beauty

Heena Mohammed, Category Lead – Makeup & Fragrance, John Lewis & Partners

C) Start-Up Journeys

Elsie Rutterford, Co-Founder, BYBI Beauty

Dominika Minarovic, Co-Founder, BYBI Beauty

D) Male Beauty

Jenna Maloney, L&D Beauty Lead, Frasers Group

14.10 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Jessica Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Pai Skincare

Martha Marin, Chief Sales Office, Tangle Teezer

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Main-Stage Presentation In The Main Conference Room

14.20 Unveil 2024’s Vital Ingredients, Anticipate 2025’s Trends & Get Head Of The Formulation Curve With Compliant, Green & Exciting New Materials & Ingredients

  • Microalgae, niacinamide, ceramides… which ingredients are impacting purchasing decisions in 2024? Stay informed on the latest ingredients trends and forecast what we expect to disrupt next
  • Regulation, regulation, regulation… examine current legislation for sustainable and ethical ingredient sourcing approved by customers and the industry
  • Communication is key! Enhance customer confidence with clear, authentic, and fact-based claims surrounding cosmetic ingredients and materials
  • Science is shaking things up! Explore science-backed raw materials and ingredients with genuine end-consumer benefits and transform these ingredients into beloved, repeat-purchased products

Jo-Anne Chidley, Founder, Beauty Kitchen UK Ltd


Facilitated Informal Workshop In The Networking Room

14.20 The Value Of Beauty Today: Tap Into Changing Customer Behaviours & Provide Added Product Value In 2025 & Beyond. Discussion Topics Include…

  • Is beauty really recession-proof?
  • Are beauty customers some of the most loyal?
  • How can you differentiate and deliver value within your product portfolios to stand out from your competitors?

Angela Crutu, Board Member & Former CEO, Avon


Double Perspective

The Creator Economy

Lucrative & Strategic Influencer Marketing! Establish Authentic Creator-Brand Relationships & Drive Dynamic Content Creation For Boosted Brand Engagement & Sky-High Sales

  • Capitalising on the creator economy! Harness the power of the connection between impactful creators and on-trend, intelligent content creation for improved brand engagement and sales
  • The business of beauty! How can you establish genuine and pertinent influencer-brand collaboration to enhance high-impact marketing and maximise product success?
  • What gets measured gets done! Exploit influencer data insights to draw tangible links between campaign engagement and commercial success for continued buy-in
  • Where do we go next? Key influencer and advocacy marketing trend forecasting for 2025 and beyond

14.40 Lydia Hunter, Head Of Advocacy, Communications & Digital, L’Oréal

15.00 Lydia Smeds, Senior Director Colour Cosmetics & Accessories, Oriflame Cosmetics


15.20 Exploit Invaluable Consumer Insights & Shopper Habits For Impactful, Personalised & Digital-First Campaigns That Guarantee On-Trend Beauty Success In 2025 & Beyond

  • Online shopping, the explosion of user-generated content, and sustainable production… where are consumers buying today and what impacts their purchasing decisions? Get to grips with your target audience and drive tailored campaigns that really hit the spot
  • Know your audience: what’s the next sustainable beauty trend for millennials through to Gen A? Capitalise on critical customer insight for personalized and trusted products that fly off of the shelves
  • Explore immersive AI-powered tools to enhance shopper experiences, engage customers, and secure critical brand loyalty

Louise Yankovic-Jenkins, Global Marketing Director, Pai Skincare


Panel - Q&A

Guarantee Your Products Stand Out!

15.40 Your Burning Questions, Answered! Uncover Unmissable Consumer, Product & Marketing Trend Insights From Beauty’s Biggest Retailers For Stand-Out Strategies & Collaborative Brand-Retailer Partnerships

  • Hear it first-hand! What are retailers really looking for in the products they place on their shelves? How can emerging brands capture their attention and build upon existing (or new!) relationships?
  • How do online retailers distinguish their strategies and purchasing methods from in-store retail giants? What future changes can we anticipate?
  • Global expansion is the name… retailers are the game! Steps to craft seamless journeys for customers across multiple channels with retailers for local and international impact
  • Trend forecasting for 2025 and beyond – what is the vision for the beauty retail future, and how will retail models change?

Helen Spencer, Head of Category Beauty, John Lewis & Partners

Lisa Alvis, Category Buying Manager – Mass Cosmetics, Boots UK

Liss Diniz Day, Clinique Business Development Manager, Marks and Spencer

James Mugford, Head of Category- Beauty, Marks and Spencer

16.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

16.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Case Study

17.00 Join Juleah For An Exclusive YSL Deep Dive Into Purpose-Led Communications In Beauty

Juleah Love, Global Head of Brand Corporate Engagement, YSL Beauty

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Main-Stage Panel Discussion With Q&A

17.20 Leverage Up-&-Coming Sustainable Product & Packaging Solutions To Secure Greener Credentials & Satisfy Ever-Climate-Conscious Consumers In 2025 & Beyond

  • From ergonomic refillables to recycle-ready packaging… what packaging trends can be explored and developed in 2025 to guarantee greener credentials and appease the ever-increasing climate-conscious consumers
  • Striving for sustainability and effectiveness: which eco-conscious methods will drive product success and secure a competitive, sustainable future
  • Premium and sustainable packaging? Exceed competitors with top-tier packaging that meets green credentials whilst upholding premium design standards
  • Sustainable brands and marketing strategies… two peas in the same pod! Build consumer trust and brand loyalty by communicating openly and honestly about sustainable practices and initiatives

Alexandra Florea, Head Of Sustainability, Medik8

Anna Williamson, Head of NPD, Wild

Morgan Brown, Creative Buyer, LUSH

Anna Withey, Midweight Creative Designer, Tangle Teezer

Victoria Cushing, Product Director, KMI Brands Ltd

Carly McNeil, Former Senior Account Manager – Amazon Global, Neal’s Yard Remedies


Workshop In The Networking Room

17.20 The Convergence Of Beauty, Health & Wellness: What Does This Mean For Brands & Retailers Engaging In Beauty Commerce & Looking To Serve Consumers? Discussion Topics Include…

  • What exactly are the latest wellness trends and products that customers are willing to invest in now?
  • How can you showcase health and wellness benefits to maximise sales?
  • How are you communicating and marketing multi-benefit products for positive brand experiences and engagement?


New Focus Session

17.50 Dominate The In-Store Landscape! From Tech To Data, Leverage The Hottest Tactics & Techniques For Revolutionary In-Store Experiences Which Guarantee Brand Loyalty

  • Innovative and dynamic in-store experiences: explore the hottest strategies for shelf-engagement, pop-ups, and experiential zones to incentivise consumers to visit stores, buy, and visit again
  • Leveraging first and zero-party data! Utilising customer and client data in-store to drive consumer-brand relationships and create hyper-personalised brand experiences that keep consumers coming back
  • With e-commerce digital solutions still soaring, yet in-store experiences remain business critical, how can we reciprocate these solutions in-store for gold-standard customer experiences?

Angela Taylor, Education Director UK & IRE, Dermalogica

18.10 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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