Black Swan Data guides smarter decisions at every stage of the innovation process, by predicting consumer behavior with 89% accuracy.

Campfire is a multi-award winning social media agency servicing global clients such as Garnier, Nyx, St Tropez, Vaseline, Revolution Beauty, and The INKEY List. Campfire specialises in communications to the Connected Generation (Millenials and Gen Z), and leveraging unique data, insights, and in-house tech platforms to generate performance led results for their clients.

Catalent Beauty is the leading developer and supplier of unit-dose topical products and dietary supplements for the beauty and skincare industries.  With a portfolio of innovative, plant-based and biodegradable topical delivery technologies, as well as gummies, soft chews, softgels, and hundreds of ready-to-market formulations, Catalent has the technologies, expertise, and scale to help accelerate your growth.

Dragonfly AI uses a biologically driven AI to predict attention on visual assets. Unlock the power of creative testing across all channels with a platform that can be integrated with workflows to validate decision-making with data for creative that has a higher impact and better performance.

eBay Inc. is a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers in more than 190 markets around the world. We exist to enable economic opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Orean. Award-winning personal care and cosmetic solutions.

  • Our Vision. Beauty Built Better.

Beauty – Skincare, Haircare, Colour.

Built – Innovate, Formulate, Manufacture.

Better – Community, Environment, You.

  • Our Mission. To Provide The Most Desirable Manufacturing Experience.
  • Our Values. Collaboration. Ambition. Expertise. Agility. Integrity.

Primary packaging for cosmeceutical and skincare products makes a vital first impression.

Richmond are here to help brands from the length and breadth of Europe to make that impression count. Our hardworking and experienced team focus on using creativity, the latest packaging technology, and well-honed project management skills to inspire you with optimism about the potential of your brand.

Take advantage of Richmond’s huge stockholding of primary packaging for cosmetic, cosmeceutical and skincare primary packaging – glass bottles, plastic bottles, foam bottles, glass jars, plastic jars, foam pumps, lotion serum pumps in stock

Packaging is an essential part of life. It has a profound environmental impact – positively, by preventing product wastage. In balance, it also uses Earth’s resources, and so must be carefully considered, in order to be truly environmentally conscious.

This is why Richmond have stringent quality control systems, and are accredited for meticulous environmental management.

In a way, packaging just doesn’t stay still. New developments take place all the time, and Richmond’s whole mission underlies our ability to bring those innovations to you, right when you need them. This is because we embrace new ideas, with our New Product Development Team constantly working on the next set of ideas that the market has not yet seen. We back this up with dedication to hold stock in order to provide seamless service for your product line.

At the heart of Richmond’s service are our team – our Customer Service team. The wealth of experience in our current team is built from diverse backgrounds – from cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging experience dating back to the 70s, through international quality control management, to brake fluid chemistry. Every member of our team understands that they are serving the goal of making great, sustainable packaging accessible, with a broad-mindedness and humility which creates the unique Richmond Experience.

UNiDAYS is the world’s leading Student Affinity Network, with a verified global audience of over 28 million student members across 115 markets.

UNiDAYS works with 800 of the world’s biggest brands globally, taking their products and services into the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s professionals, by inspiring Gen Z to discover and connect with the brands and services they need. Its global members have spent more than $5 billion through the UNiDAYS marketplace since 2018.

Through its identity technology, secure brand-safe environment and marketing solutions, UNiDAYS delivers reach and engagement for brand partners, maximising sales and building long-term affinity, at scale and speed across a full range of channels.

The company has over 200 staff, with headquarters in Nottingham, UK, and with offices in London, New York and Sydney.